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With all the vehicle choices available in the Akron-Canton area, knowing where to begin can be a challenge.

You definitely want the most bang for your buck.

There are probably other things that are important to you too, like getting the extras you want or finding a vehicle that’s eco-friendly.

Here are the top 7 reasons you should make your next new vehicle a Chevy.

1. Solid reputation
Chevrolet has been making cars for more than 100 hundred years.

Longevity is a sign that a company is doing something right and Serra Chevy is carrying on the proud tradition.

2. Award-winning
Chevy has won more J.D. Power Initial Quality awards than any other brand.

3. Safety first
Chevrolet has been recognized for 5-Star Overall scores for safety for many years.

The newest models offer features like:

Forward collision alert.
Lane departure warning.
The most advanced airbag systems available.
Rear vision cameras.
Rear cross-traffic alerts.
Side blind-zone alerts.
4. Varied selection
You can find full-size pickup trucks, SUVs, crossovers, midsize sedans, and compact cars in the Chevy lineup.

Every customer’s needs and style are covered.

5. Going green
If doing the best for the planet is on your radar – including your local Akron-Canton area – you can’t go wrong with a new car from Serra Chevy.

They were one of the first automobile manufacturers to create an all-electric car and they are carrying on the tradition to make strides toward a cleaner planet.

6. Pricing
Chevrolet offers quality, long-lasting vehicles that fit into almost anyone’s budget.

You don’t have to sacrifice the latest in technology for a price you can afford.

7. Join something bigger
When you purchase a Chevy vehicle, you become a part of the Chevrolet family.

It’s a group of people who recognize beautifully designed vehicles that stand the test of time.

Chevy for the win
If you’re ready to join the Akron-Canton Chevrolet family, you’re among good company.

Stop and see us at Serra Chevy and experience our People Pleasin’ ways for yourself.

You’ll be glad you did.

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