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Winter’s here and cold weather is the norm again.

Navigating icy conditions and snowy roads takes a toll on your car.

But, if you pay extra attention to your car’s maintenance this winter, you’ll help it last longer and you and those you encounter will stay safer on the roads.

Here are the most important steps for you to take.

Remove leaves and twigs before the snow flies.

If you let this debris build up, you’ll have a real mess on your hands once the snow falls on top of it. Clear out dead leaves and other yuck that doesn’t belong as often as possible.

Get winter wipers.

Due to the fog, rain, snow and sleet, your visibility becomes a priority.

Make sure your wiper blades are up to the job.

Even if you don’t install winter wipers, it’s a good idea to put new ones on when the season changes.

As an added tip, when you scrape your vehicle’s windshield, prop up the wipers so they won’t get stuck on the windshield, and the material won’t be damaged.

Check the antifreeze.

Even though newer cars have antifreeze that should last for as long as 150,000 miles, it pays to check your service records and owner’s manual to ensure that you’re on top of the antifreeze level.

Getting stranded in the winter is no fun.

Check the tires.

You need to do this regularly.
Keep in mind that, as the weather gets colder, tire pressure automatically becomes lower.

Full tires will help you safely navigate the roads – especially when they’re icy and snow-covered.

Take winter car-care precautions

Stay safe on the roads this winter by staying on top of some basic car care tasks.

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