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Brakes are a crucial safety feature.

Keeping yourself and your passengers alive and well is your #1 priority when you’re behind the wheel.

It’s important that you get familiar with your vehicle’s braking system so that you can recognize the signs that something’s amiss.

Let’s take a look at some common warning signs that your brakes are on their way out.

Brake failure red flags
If you notice any of these issues, make an appointment with your mechanic right away.

Strange noises
If any pressure applied to the brakes causes a high-pitched squealing sound, get your car into the shop.

You may also hear scratching, grinding, or even scraping.

Abnormal movements
If you notice your vehicle pulling hard to one side or the other when you stop, it’s a sign that one side of your brakes is functioning correctly, but the other isn’t.

Another functionality issue you may notice is your brake pedal sinking to the floor or pulsating before they work.

You could have a shaky steering wheel, too.

Any of these problems could be a sign that your brakes are ready for some work.

Inability to stop
An increased stopping distance is a sure sign that there’s an issue with your brakes.

Warning indicator lights
It should go without saying, but, an illuminated or flashing brake warning light should never be ignored.

What you should do if your brakes fail?

There’s nothing scarier than applying the brakes and not slowing down at all.

It’s important that you remain calm in this situation and take the following steps:

Turn on your hazard lights and honk the horn to alert others on the road.
Take your foot off the accelerator to slow the car down and carefully try to maneuver to the right lane or the shoulder.
Downshifting can help the vehicle slow down.
If you have anti-lock brakes, push down firmly on the brake pedal. If you don’t have anti-lock brakes, try pumping the pedal.
Once the vehicle has started to slow down, slowly engage the parking brake. If you do this step too quickly, your wheels could lock up.
Maintenance matters
An issue with your brakes is much more likely to be caught before you’re in real trouble if you’re on track with regular maintenance.
For example, when you have your oil changed, many auto technicians will look over other areas, like your brakes, and alert you to any problems.

At Serra Chevy, you can trust our expert mechanics to give your car the best care possible.

And when you’re ready for a new ride, stop in and let’s talk!

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