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Even though your teenager will go through a driver’s education course and have supervised driving time with an instructor, you still play a big role in helping them form good driving habits.

You probably consider yourself a pro, right?

But the truth is that you’ve been driving for a long time and a refresher may be necessary.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to remember as you’re guiding your new driver.

Do keep it simple
Your initial driving sessions together shouldn’t be too long.

Less than 20 minutes is perfect at the beginning.

As the both of you become more comfortable and confident, you can add some time.

Eventually, you’ll want to get into night driving, as well as navigating rainy and snowy roads.

Don’t allow devices
A good rule of thumb is to put smartphones and any other devices in the glove box before the car moves an inch.

That includes yours.

This ensures that both of you will be alert and increases your opportunity to take advantage of teachable moments.

Do set a good example
When you’re behind the wheel, be intentional about modeling the safe, responsible behavior you expect from your teen.

Don’t talk on the phone or text while driving, always wear your seatbelt, and pay attention to your own habits.

Don’t be a Negative Nellie
Be calm, positive, and supportive.

Ask instead of tell. For example, instead of saying, “Slow down!” say “Do you remember the speed limit on this street?”

Your critical, negative attitude can put your young driver on edge and that’s not safe for anyone.

Be patient
Remember that your teenager is new to this.

He won’t know all the rules that seasoned drivers don’t even have to think about.

When he makes a mistake – and he will! – use it as an opportunity to teach a concept.

Safe driving depends on a safe vehicle
When your teen gets to the point that they’re ready for a set of wheels of their own, you want to car shop somewhere that will put safety first.

At Serra Chevy, we have a full range of vehicles with the latest safety features available.

Stop by and let your new driver try one on for size.

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