Engine Air Filter vs. Cabin Air Filter

Mechanic holding up an Engine Air Filter

What’s the difference between the cabin air filter vs. engine air filter, and how many air filters does a car have anyway? Both car air filters play important roles in your vehicle’s performance, which is why it’s so crucial to replace them as needed. Find out what you need to know about the engine air filter vs. cabin air filter, and visit our service center today to learn more!



How Many Air Filters Does a Car Have?

How many air filters does a car have and why do you need more than one? The two main car air filters are the cabin and engine air filters. How do the cabin air filter vs. engine air filter differ?

Cabin Air Filter vs. Engine Air Filter

  • Cabin Air Filter: This filter cleans the air inside your cabin, including everything that passes through the air conditioning and heating systems.
  • Engine Air Filter: This filter cleans the air specifically inside the engine, so dirt and debris don’t get into the engine itself.

Engine Air Filter vs. Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Caring for your car air filters is simple, and you’ll only need to replace them every now and then. You can either buy a set of filters at our parts department and do the job yourself, or just add a filter change to your service at Serra Chevrolet Akron. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Engine Air Filter

  • Signs of Contamination: When your engine air filter is clogged, your engine performance will suffer. This might start with poor acceleration or spark plugs misfiring, but you can end up with a Service Engine light or even black smoke pouring from your hood.
  • How Often to Replace: While your owner’s manual will tell you how often to change your engine air filter, most Barberton and Massillon drivers will change this filter once per year. If you drive in more strenuous conditions, swap out your filters earlier.

Cabin Air Filter

  • Signs of Contamination: When your cabin air filter is clogged, you’ll notice issues with the air inside your cabin. You might see more dust or notice less airflow when the AC kicks on. You might even notice odors lingering since they aren’t being filtered out as usual.
  • How Often to Replace: Once again, your owner’s manual is a great resource. However, most North Canton drivers change their filters between every 15,000 and 30,000 miles. But if your cabin air feels stagnant, feel free to swap out your filter sooner.

Get Expert Service at Serra Chevrolet Akron

Want to pick up a new pack of cabin air filters or schedule your next engine air filter change? Contact us at Serra Chevrolet Akron to get started! Serra Chevrolet Akron is located in Akron, and we’d be happy to bring out the very best in your car.


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